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Effective July 1st, 2021, the new arsenic limit will be lowered from 10 parts-per-billion to 5 ppb in New Hampshire. ChemServe can test your well water to ensure compliance with the new limit.

Arsenic in Drinking Water limit lowered in NH

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ChemServe has been offering well testing services for over thirty years and has the expertise to guide you through your testing needs.

Residential Drinking Water

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ChemServe is a CPSC-accredited third-party testing laboratory for the F963 Toy Safety Standard, including lead in paint and metal jewelry, and phthalates in consumer products. ChemServe has tested products for a wide range of industries in addition to children's toys including food packaging, garden hoses, sports equipment, rubber parts and metal fittings

Consumer Product and Toy Safety

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ChemServe conducts environmental analyses on drinking water, ground water and wastewater for contaminants. We also test soil, waste, paint, toys, jewelry, oils, and inks for toxic compounds. ChemServe is certified by several nationally recognized organizations such as NELAC, ISO17025, and A2LA for environmental analyses.

Chemserve offers the highest quality analysis in conjunction with outstanding customer service.