ChemServe FAQs

How do I get my well-water tested?

Come into our Milford facility and collected containers and instructions for sample collection. We are located at 317 Elm St, Milford NH 03055. Call us on 603-673-5440, Additional contact details and forms are here.

What well-water testing service are available at Chemserve?

Chemserve offers a range of well-water testing packages from basic to comprehensive coverage and include bacteria, metals, pH, ions and radon. Check out the options here. We also offer Compliance packages for the NH Food license, VA/FHA Mortgage applications and the NH Care license.

What is PFAS , and how can I get my well tested for these ‘forever’ chemicals?

The PFAS family of compounds are considered to be emerging contaminants are are present in the ground water of many communities throughout the US. They are of major concern because they accumulate in the human body and a resistant to breakdown. Chemserve accepts samples for PFAS testing. Come to the laboratory and collect sample containers and instructions. More details about PFAS testing at Chemserve is here and on the EPA web-site.

I need a monitoring well tested for contaminants, can you help?

Chemserve has an experienced field sampling team that can accommodate low-flow as well as purge sampling for monitoring well in private businesses, landfills and other public locations. See our environmental sampling and landfill pages for more information.

Which EPA methods do you use? 

Chemserve is a full-service environmental testing laboratory that conducts a wide range of accredited methods. These can be found on our EPA methods page.

I am worried that my childs toy contains lead and other toxic metals. Do you test toys for lead?

Yes, Chemserve is accredited by the CPSC (Childrens Product Safety Commission) for testing for lead and other toxic metals in metal, and non-metal toys, and in paint. Please visit our section on toy and consumer product testing.