EPA 625

EPA 625 is a comprehensive screening method used to detect semi-volatile organic compounds in environmental samples. The method is commonly used to monitor industrial and municipal wastewater discharges and solid samples. It is a costeffective and accurate method that will detect a wide range of organic compounds over a broad range of concentrations. It is simple to use, requires minimal sample preparation and analysis time, and offers good reproducibility and precision. This screening ensures compliance with the EPA’s hazardous waste regulations and helps to protect the environment.

Chemserve offers wastewater and solid testing for organic contaminants by EPA 625.1.


Chemserve can help you test for organic contaminants by EPA 625!



EPA 625.1 method

This method involves the extraction and preparation of the aqueous or solid sample in the organic solvent dichloromethane. ChemServe then analyzes the extract by gas chromatography and mass spectrometry and the concentration of organic compounds in the sample calculated. Details about the method and list of compounds measured can be found here.   

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Environmental monitoring

Testing for organic pollutants can identify areas of the environment that may be more vulnerable to contamination or that require additional protection. Organic environmental testing is used to monitor the effectiveness of pollution control measures. This in turn provides quantitative data that can be used to inform decisions about environmental protection. Organic environmental testing can also identify potential risks to human healthLearn more

EPA 625